52mm S-Series Schott Glass Protector Filter Digital Camera DSLR Lens

Price: $12.95
(as of Oct 13,2022 04:59:45 UTC – Details)

Schott Glass Protective Filter for Digital Camera Lens. Our S Series Filters are simply the best filters you can buy! Does what software can’t do! We use genuine Schott Glass made in Germany, and the highest quality, ultra slim, all metal anodized rings which prevents unwanted vignetting or vignette effects on your image. Our S Series filters make no compromise with quality. Our protector filter easily attaches to the front of your camera lens and serves as a protective filter for your lenses. The 32 layer multicoating (16 each side of filter) not only protects the glass from dust, scratches, sand, water spotting, sea salt spray, and other environmental elements that could cause harm to your camera lens, but most important it reduces reflections inside the filter. Unwanted reflections inside the glass reduce light transmittance. Due to our high tech Nano coatings, the ā€˜Sā€™ series of Schott glass filters transmits over 99% of the light that enters the glass. Using a UV filter has become common practice to prevent damage to the surface of the lens, or to the metal edges of the lens if the lens should become hit by another object. In the past, photographic films were very sensitive to UV light, which caused a fogginess or haze, and in color films, a bluish hue. Therefore, as a standard, a UV blocking filter was used, transparent to visible light while filtering out shorter ultraviolet wavelengths. However, newer photographic film and digital camera are highly insensitive to UV wavelengths. In fact most digital sensors have a UV filter built into the camera. Thus adding a UV filter as a simple protector filter can slighty alter the image. Our modern optical glass polishing machinery guarantees that both sides of the glass are parallel and perfectly flat, ensuring that the image quality is not degraded by passing through the filter.

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